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What is prohibited

I am a real, lifestyle, dominatrix. Accordingly, I only do what I like and what excites me. No sexual intercourse with me will ever be possible and you are advised never to ask for it. Likewise, scatology, zoophilia, pedophilia and all illegal activities are hard limits and you should never even mention any of them. Naturally, I will never agree to cause any intense suffering to or permanently mark anyone, whether by hitting, burning, scarifying, tattooing or otherwise. Likewise, I will not do anything that might be dangerous (e.g. strangling) or for which I would not feel very qualified (e.g. inserting any object in a penis). Last but not least, I will not tolerate any lack of respect or any aggressiveness, irrespective of the circumstances, and any breach of this rule will automatically, immediately and irrevocably terminate any relationship I may have with the offender.

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