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About me

Beyond tact

Respect, obedience and delicacy, I expect total submission to my will. I value mystery and do not wish to unveil on this site. You will be all the more amazed upon discovering my magnificent glittering black eyes, my irresistible twisted smile and the wild power of my claws

Mystery is an integral part of S&M. The mystery of two human beings who do not know each other, or so little, and anyway never enough… one of whom voluntarily submits to My Law. Your submission to Me always begins with a ritual intended to allow me to fully know and understand you and your dreams. I will blindfold you and carefully listen to your breath and heartbeats, as well as feel your body shivering under my fingers … so as to better assess what your body and mind will be able to endure.

My « Fetish » passions

Leather and latex are both like a second skin to me. I love wearing them, sit on a slave’s face and make him feel how well they mould my body. I also passionately love boots and shoes with cruel high heels, which allow me to tower over the slave crawling under my feet. Last but not least, you will rarely see me not wearing at least once one of my strap-on dildos…

My philosophie of the SM

S&M is not only a way of life, it is also the way I exacerbate desire, stretch limits, make you cross borders which you believed beyond reach, and then make you return with the strange feeling that you just conquered new territories. Trust, respect, attention are essential requirements for the journey. Mutual pleasure is the goal, the ultimate goal, and the later it will be reached the more intense the experience will be…

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